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Chronicles of our life during the war between Russia and Ukraine.
Stories of the darkest winter

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A blackout is a complete power outage over a large area for a long time. This word frequented in the vocabulary of our entire country in the fall of 2022. After Russia's missile attacks on Ukraine's energy infrastructure, three nuclear power plants stopped. Dozens of CHPs across the country were destroyed. Kilometers of electric cables were broken.

About the project


Blackout is the story of our own experience, and the experience of our friends from different parts of Ukraine. It is the story about people who are ready to stay without light, heat and water, but are not going to give up. On the pages of the comic, the reader will learn about the life of Ukrainians without electricity, as well as about the non-obvious consequences of the blackout: about supplying drinking water by public transport, about the survival of tropical plants in a botanical garden , about giving birth being trapped in an elevator.

This book is a very subjective view of very specific events. We are talking about several months at the end of 2022 — the beginning of 2023, during which Ukrainians were faced with blackouts due to missile attacks by the Russians.

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About the authors
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The authors of the project are Ukrainian illustrators Anya Ivanenko and Zhenya Polosina. In 2015, they founded the graphic studio "Seri/Graph" in Kyiv. Such books as "Reactors do not explode", "The city has ME", "Cat, Rooster, Cupboard" etc. were designed. Their work has been published in The New Yorker, Deutsche Welle, New Statesman and Financial Times.

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Anya Ivanenko

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Zhenya Polosina



The comics will be released in a limited edition by Yakaboo Publishing in April. Pre-order and be the first to receive your copy in Ukrainian or English. To keep for your succession. To give to friends or partners. To read while standing for the light!

The first 100 buyers will receive copies signed by the authors

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