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Ukrainian National Book Platform – Yakaboo

Our mission is to make books available to Ukrainians, wherever they may be

Yakaboo is Ukraine’s largest national book platform. Over 3.5 million clients from all over the world use our products and services. We work with the largest number of publishers in Ukraine (our partners include over 500 Ukrainian and international companies) and offer over 200 thousand books in 71 languages in paperback, ebook and audiobook formats.


Yakaboo’s mobile app carries the best selection of Ukrainian ebooks and audiobooks on the market, with the ability for companies to create personalised corporate libraries for their employees. This month alone, over half a million Ukrainians have become readers on our app, and the last few weeks have seen Yakaboo’s mobile app rank first on the App Store’s ‘Top Charts’. 


Yakaboo also has its own publishing company – Yakaboo Publishing, whose focus is the publication of Ukrainian and translated non-fiction, children’s books and literary fiction bestsellers. Among the ranks of our published authors are Barack Obama, Haruki Murakami, Bob Woodward, John Doerr, Christophe Galfard, Steven Kotler, Adam Grant and Steve Wozniak.


Yakaboo’s mission is to make Ukraine the most read country in Europe. The war has compelled us to shift our focus to protecting the Ukrainian book market from annihilation, and providing books to Ukrainians both at home, in Europe, and across the world.


How exactly can we work with your business?

We are in the process of building a system to securely deliver and distribute Ukrainian books in Europe. After all, millions of our fellow citizens have left Ukraine, so the demand for Ukrainian books in Europe has become extremely high.


Creating and distributing ebooks 

If you would like to sell audiobooks and ebooks, we can help you create and distribute your publications through our website and app. We work very closely with Ukrainian and international publishers, so most new books are released on our platforms 2 months before anywhere else. Yakaboo guarantees the protection of international copyright.


Creating and distributing printed books

We have years of experience in the Ukrainian book industry, with a deep understanding of audience preferences and trends in reader demand, a high production capacity, established contracts with Ukrainian and foreign publishers, authors, logistics companies and State representatives.

Therefore we can:

  • Provide Ukrainian books to sell on your websites, marketplaces or distribute in bookstores and libraries.

  • Sell books in your languages through our website and mobile app.

  • Introduce the readers of your country to Ukrainian authors and Ukrainian culture.


Join Yakaboo’s Initiative

Fill in the form – and we will contact you to agree all the details

We have received your request. Our employee will contact you soon.


Still have questions, or want to get in contact with us quickly?

B2с books for Ukraine and the EU, printed books and the Yakaboo website:

Andrey Parkhomchuk

Yakaboo Commercial Director

+38 067 521 01 51

B2b books for Ukraine and the EU, ebooks and the Yakaboo mobile app:

Maya Kichuk

Yakaboo Head of Sales 

+38 067 468 49 01

Publication of Yakaboo Publishing books:

Yuliia Laktionova

Director of Yakaboo Publishing  

+38 067 466 90 67


The Wartime Reading App for Ukraine 

Giving Ukrainians access to reading during wartime

This campaign will fund a library of thousands of e-books and audiobooks on the Yakaboo mobile app - supporting publishers and allowing Ukrainians to keep reading for free.

Our crowdfunding project is about giving Ukrainians a psychological shelter from the trauma of war through the safe, hopeful world of books. Reading helps us rest, connect with loved ones and inspire our children even in the darkest of times.

And of course, a nation that reads even in times of war - is invincible!

Join us in standing with Ukrainians!

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